Stefan Pfeiffer

Technical Director

German-born Stefan Pfeiffer has spent his entire professional life in motorsports and has more than 30 years of experience in his field. Stefan started his career at a young age and has built a solid foundation and reputation and has become a fixture in motorsports engineering. Stefan has worked for many manufacturers and some of the biggest teams in the world and has a remarkable track record of results.

His calm, structured and professional approach, which he has perfected throughout his career on and off the track with various teams in Europe and North America, sets Stefan apart. Stefan has worked closely with Lucas as his race engineer and has achieved many successful results. He has also been instrumental in Ricki’s career, mentoring him in his early days as he built his craft and success. All this makes Stefan an important and supporting part of LiLaC.

"Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting."

Steve McQueen, Rennfahrer

Nur wenn man das kleinste Detail im Griff hat, kann man präzise arbeiten.

Niki LaudaRennfahrer

Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat, es aufzuschließen.

Walter Röhrl, Rennfahrer