“Our goal is to make the fascination and the attitude towards life “motorsport” tangible for everyone. This is what we are working for!”

Lucas Luhr

What does LiLaC Rennsport stand for?

Here is the much requested explanation:
LiLaC has nothing to do with Lamborghini or the color lilac. But it does have something to do with Lake Constance.

LiLaC stands for: “Lifestyle Lake Constance”.

This unique attitude towards life here at Lake Constance. Anyone who has ever been to Lake Constance will understand what we are talking about: Water as far as the eye can see. The mountains at your back. Three different countries with different people with their peculiarities and quirks. A wide variety of regional specialties. And all this in a very small area, connected by the unique Lake Constance. A very special, relaxed lifestyle. In short: Living where others go on vacation!
This lifestyle is what we are talking about and what we want to make tangible. This serenity paired with originality and professionalism. Performance and coziness. Building bridges between the past and the future. We want to bring people together who “rest in themselves” and at the same time are looking for something new.

Be bold. Be gentle. Be LiLaC!

Why choose us

Extensive Motorsport Know-How

We have learned our business from scratch and have developed and optimized it over the years

Decades of experience in Motorsports

All of us have been doing professional Motorsport for decades and we have seen it all!

Team of Motorsport specialists

In addition to our permanent team, we work with experienced freelancers in motorsports.

Absolute passion for Cars and Motorsports

We all love and live Motorsports since our childhood – real and since recently virtual!

Who is LiLaC?

LiLaC Rennsport consists at its core of Lucas Luhr and Ricki Martino. Their paths have crossed many times over the past decades. Even though they have mostly competed in different teams, they have always respected each other and met as equals.

In 2020 we decided to throw all our experience together and together with LiLaC Rennsport we will make the world of motorsports accessible to you.

Lucas Luhr
CEO, Team Manager
Ricki Martino
CO-Founder, Race Engineer
Stefan Pfeiffer
Technical Director

"Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting."

Steve McQueen, Rennfahrer

Nur wenn man das kleinste Detail im Griff hat, kann man präzise arbeiten.

Niki LaudaRennfahrer

Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat, es aufzuschließen.

Walter Röhrl, Rennfahrer